Vincent is involved with various community organizations in many different capacities. Some of the organizations with which they are involved are listed below. If you would like more information about their roles with these organizations, please contact them. For information on their academic background and research, see the “Academic” tab above.

Project Officer, Kominote at RÉZO

My role involves the conception, development, and implementation of a resource and service targeting African, Caribbean, and Black men who have sex with men.

Managing Editor at Art/iculation

Art/iculation is an annual, bilingual student publication based in Montreal. The magazine takes its name from “The theory and method of articulation in cultural studies” by Jennifer Daryl Slack, who argues “articulation can be understood as a way of characterizing a social formation without falling into the twin traps of reductionism and essentialism”. This captures the spirit of Art/iculation, which aims to make space for nuanced works from a variety of perspectives.

Outreach Worker, Sex Worker Program at RÉZO

RÉZO is a community-based organization for gay and bisexual men in Montreal whose focus is overall health promotion as well as the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Organizing Committee Member at Pervers/Cité

Pervers/Cité is a collaboratively organized radical queer summer festival. Since 2007, Pervers/Cité has been organizing a blend of hot dance parties, critical political interventions and alternative art practices to build links across social justice movements and queer communities. In a climate of corporate gay agendas and whitewashed homogeneity, Pervers/Cité strives to provide a schedule of activities to reanimate the radical underpinnings to the pride movement.

Other Community Connections